Arm, Leg, or Back Pain

General Back Pain

The majority of society will experience some sort of back or neck pain in their life. Chiropractors specialize in pain stemming from the spinal column. There are so many different causes of spinal pain and a majority of the time taking medications to relieve this pain is only treating the symptoms and not the actual cause. Are you tired of living with daily pain and living on pain medication to help yourself get through your day? We use hands on techniques and therapy to help properly align the spinal column. Come see Pammer Chiropractic to get a better understanding of what is causing your pain and see if chiropractic is the best treatment option for you.  

Arm & Leg Pain 

The nerves in your spine each supply a certain area of your body. If these nerves are being irritated by arthritis, misalignment of the spine, tendinitis, disc injuries, inflammation etc. then it can refer pain down your arms, legs, and sometimes all the way into the fingertips or toes.   The pain in your arm or leg may actually be coming from the spine especially if you have not had some sort of acute injury to that area. For example issues from the cervical spine may refer pain down your shoulders, arms, and hands. is one option to consider when dealing with arm or leg pain