Tips for Gardening & Raking

Article of the Week

          This time of year there are many outside activities that society partakes in. Gardening is the first activity. Gardening is very relaxing and slow paced but unfortunately can be hard on your body. The repetitive bending, lifting, and stress on your knees can cause damage to your spine. There are certain precautions you can take when handling your gardening. 

  • Keep objects close to your body when lifting 
  • Bend with your knees and not your low back
  • Do not twist and lift 
  • Try and avoid repetitive activities 
  • Let tools make your lift easier 
  • Wheelbarrows for heavy lifting 
  • Garden stools to reduce the need to squat 
  • Cushioned kneelers 
  • Ease into your activity without doing too much in one day 
  • Take breaks


          The next activity to be careful of is raking. The repetitive motion of slightly bending over while pushing and pulling can be harmful to anyone. One preventative measure you can take is to stretch before and after raking. Here at Pammer Chiropractic we provide stretching routines customized to each individual and their lifestyle. The next preventative measure you can take is to try and maintain good posture. To maintain proper posture while raking keep your legs slightly bent, your weight centered, and reach with your arms and not your back. It is also important to take breaks frequently and listen to your body when it is trying to tell you its tired. 

        One of the most common injuries that you may experience this spring are sprains and strains. Sprains occur when a joint is forced beyond its normal range of motion. Strains occur when the muscle is overused or stretched too far. Chiropractors generally get to the actual cause of the symptoms and are able to effectively treat it or refer out properly. Spinal adjustments can help restore proper alignment to your spine that will relieve pain and take pressure off nerve roots. Therapy done in the office will also relax or strengthen muscles, improve blood flow, and reduce swelling. If an injury is left alone for too long it will develop into a chronic issue leading to more difficulties in the future so do not wait to have an exam performed by a chiropractor to determine the best route of care. Pammer Chirorpractic can help this Spring so please do no hesitate to call for an appointment.