Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder and arm pain is one of the most difficult injuries to have because it affects almost every activity that involves using your upper body. It may happen as a result of traumatic injury, repetitive stress, general wear and tear, and sometimes activities as simple as sleeping. What many people do not understand is that shoulder, arm, and radiating pain may be stemming from the thoracic and cervical spine. The sensory distribution to the shoulder is controlled by the nerves in your spine and if it is being impinged by muscle tension, joint, disc, arthritis, etc. it is most likely causing your pain into the shoulder and sometimes further.  

Degenerative changes occur in the spine as we age. With aging the discs become dry which causes the space between two vertebrae to decrease. Your body then responds by forming bone spurs to help create more support around this area. These spurs in your body can impinge on a nerve and cause pain or create general stiffening of the spine. When these nerves become irritated it can cause numbness, tingling, general discomfort, and sometimes weakness in certain areas of your arm. Getting adjustments by a chiropractor helps prevent relief of symptoms, stop the progression of symptoms, and helps lubricate the spine making this area easier to move. 

Herniated disc occur when the jelly like center pushes into the spinal canal. Pressure on a nerve from disc material can cause pain with referral down the arm sometimes being severe in nature. This often occurs with lifting, bending, pulling, or twisting motions. These types of complaints must not be ignored because of the progression of your symptoms if left alone. Getting examined by a chiropractor to determine the proper treatment regime is very important to recovery. 

Daily activities and repetitive use may cause aggravation to the spine. Inflammation can build up around a nerve root causing referral of pain into the shoulder. Often if ignored these complaints will become worse and not resolve themselves. It is best to get examined as soon as possible to avoid further complications. Here at Pammer chiropractic we will determine what is causing the pain and the best treatment option is for you.

Bursitis, sprains, tendonitis, and frozen shoulder are other injuries that may occur to the shoulder. In office electric stimulation, ultrasound, mobilization, and therapeutic exercises will be done to help lessen the symptoms and heal the damaged tissue. These methods are shown very effective in treatment of this area. Pammer chiropractic is a great option to determine what is actually causing your shoulder pain and what the best treatment option is for it.